The 18th anniversary of NATO bombing against Serbian genocide in Kosovo

15:59 | 24 Mars 2017

Today marks 18 years since the beginning of NATO air strikes against military targets of Serbian police and Montenegro.

The attacks began at 19:45, when NATO planes dropped the first bombs against strategic positions in the former Yugoslav army, as they were called two republics of the former Yugoslav federation, Serbia and Montenegro.

Order for the start of the bombing campaign had given the President of the United States, Bill Clinton. He held the night before the American people’s historic speech announcing that he had ordered the Atlantic alliance began a military operation, as the only option to end the fighting in Kosovo.

“We and the NATO Alliance have made all efforts in order to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflict in Kosovo. But President Milosevic, who in the recent past led to terrible wars in Croatia and Bosnia, has decided in favor of aggression rather than peace, “President Clinton had said.

The air strikes against Serbian and Montenegrin forces continued until June 9, when he reached the Kumanovo agreement, which is also known as the capitulation of the criminal Milosevic and on June 11 the enemy forces begin to leave the territory. This is the first military intervention of NATO since its formation, which is also known as historical intervention

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