Border Demarcation with Montenegro ratified in Kosovo with 80 votes in favor

22:51 | 21 Mars 2018

The Parliament of Kosovo has finally ratified the border demarcation with Montenegro, only after they left most of the Self-Determination Movement MPs outside.

 With 80 votes in favour and 11 against, the ruling coalition and the LDK approved the border demarcation with Montenegro.

This is the fifth time that the Parliament gathers for this law. The fourth session was interrupted by tear gas launched by Self-Determination MPs.

After the repeated tear-gas episodes, the Parliament banned many Self-Determination MPs, seven of whom were detained for being involved with the tear gas.

There was only one Self-Determination MP on the floor during the session, Glauk Konfjuca.

The Self-Determination reported the practices which, according to her, are against the parliamentary democracy. They said that the ratification of the law was a betrayal of the country.

According to the ruling coalition, the passing of the law is an important condition for the visa liberalization.

The ratification of the demarcation was greeted by the international friends of Kosovo, among whom was the US Ambassador, Greg Delawie, who said that this was a great achievement that allows Kosovo to progress.

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