A suspect arrested for ‘dealing with prostitution’

15:17 | 7 Shkurt 2019

Kosovo Police, respectively the Unit of Investigation of Trafficking in Human Beings (NJHTQNJ– Peja), in coordination with the competent prosecutor, searched the flat of the suspects and then arrested him, under the grounded suspicion of being involved in the criminal offence: ‘extortion in prostitution’, ‘providing facilities for prostitution’, ‘dealing with prostitution’ and ‘unauthorized keeping, possession, control of weapons’.

During the control of his flat there has been found a fire weapon (revolver), cal. 9×19 mm, two magazines 13 bullets.

As a result of successful investigations NJHTQNJ managed to identify three other cases ‘dealing with prostitution’ which shall be used in a regular procedure in the competent court in Peja.

The following person has been arrested:
• A. B. born on 1983 m/a/k

By the order of the competent prosecutor, the suspect after the interview has been imposed 48 hours custody.

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